Frosty’s and Fries – How I missed you!

Many years ago, when my children were small and we were relatively new to the Feingold Diet, one of our treats (for Mom, as well as the kids) was a chocolate Frosty from Wendy’s.  But when the company changed their recipe to include petro-chemicals, that was the end of Frosties for us.  Now that Wendy’s has gone the way of so many companies and cleaned up their act, we can enjoy them again.  

But how about the other Wendy’s food?  They tell us their fries are natural, but we’ve heard that claim before.  Since I love fries almost as much as chocolate, I was determined to learn if their deep-frying oil was preserved with TBHQ.  After scouring their web site and multiple calls to corporate I wasn’t able to get any information, so I used my when-all-else-fails method. There’s a new Wendy’s in town and they aren’t usually very busy, plus I made sure to go there during “off hours,” at around 4pm. 

When I was greeted by a pleasant young man with a long pony-tail I asked to speak with the manager.  “I am the  manager, he responded,” so I explained that I wanted to be able to bring my grandchildren to the restaurant, but they were “allergic” to TBHQ, the additive used in most frying oils.  I explained that I had tried to get the information from the Wendy’s web site and had made several calls to the corporate office but got nowhere.  I said that if I could take a look at the box the oil came in, I would be able to see the information I needed. 

He went to the storeroom and came back with an empty box that listed the ingredients in the oil.  Happy days!  It did not list TBHQ or either of the other two no-no preservatives!  I have just completed work on the 2021 Fast Food Guide and am delighted we can add another option for our fries fans.