What caused this reaction ?  When you experience this, and you will at some point, here are a few places that you might not have thought to look.

In the Spring:

1)   What is being sprayed on the lawn?  Gardening chemicals and fertilizers may be sprayed on your lawn or out in the field, if you live in the country.


2)    Is your home or neighborhood sprayed for moths or other pests?


3)  Pollen can make life harder in any season.  Many people find that a doctor who uses homeopathy can help you overcome seasonal allergies.  Look for spring weeds in your yard.  Even the pollen from a fruit tree can be the problem.


4)   Freshly mowed grass can also be a problem for some children.


5)  Spring is a time for remodeling.    New carpeting or painting can cause a problem.  Make sure to run fans and open windows to let those smells out.