Honey is an amazing sweetener.  This all natural, sweet-tasting liquid can form

    crystals, however.  To get your honey to return to its beautiful self, just boil a littlewater in a sauce pan

 Turn the heat off, loosen the lid on the honey and just set it in the pan.  In no time, this sweet  liquid   will turn back to its original glory.  Please do not boil your honey or put it in  the microwave. If  you   do, it will kill the enzymes.

 Honey has high levels of monosaccharides, fructose and glucose, and it contains about 70 to 80   percent sugar, which provides its sweetness.

 Honey also has antiseptic and antibacterial properties.   Modern medical science has managed to   find uses for honey in chronic wound management and   combating infection. 

It is also been known that some can react to honey depending on where you harvest.  For the best results make sure to consume honey that has been harvested in your area.  Local is usually better for you.