You should be able to identify symptoms which have either disappeared or diminished. Here are some examples that have been reported:


  • You may notice that he stays seated at the table throughout an entire meal.
  • She might show signs of affection or allow you to give her a hug.
  • He may walk into a room and sit on a chair rather than crashing through the door and attacking the furniture.
  • You might have a quiet car ride.
  • Perhaps her response to your discipline may be I’m sorry, instead of telling you that it is everyone else’s fault.
  • You may notice that even with a friend over playing for an hour, his room does not look like a war zone.
  • Family members may notice that they finished a whole conversation without disruption.
  • When you see her yawn or show signs of fatigue, you say It’s bedtime, and she actually goes to bed without the usual two-hour production.
  • He may sleep through the night or sleep late for the first time.