If you follow the Feingold Diet for a number of weeks and do not see a significant improvement, DON’T GIVE UP.  
You may have overlooked something when you first started the Diet.  Re-read your Feingold materials and
review your diet diary and double-check your pantry shelves for unacceptable items.  Be patient.  Some
children go through four to six weeks of withdrawal with worsening symptoms before improving.  In a minority of
cases the diet alone is not enough, but when other treatments are added, the change can be dramatic.  In
autism, for example, the diet is seldom a “cure,” but parents report that other interventions work better once
the child is also on the Feingold Diet.

Common reasons for lack of success are:

  • Using products similar to, but not actually those in the Foodlist
  • Using an unacceptable brand of toothpaste, shampoo, soap, vitamins, medication, etc.
  • Not eliminating all salicylates
  • Infractions (eating foods that are not accepted)
  • Adding back salicylates too quickly and, thereby, missing a build-up effect
  • Testing out restaurant food too soon
  • Excessive sugar