“If your child was diabetic you wouldn’t withhold insulin.”


How many times have you heard this?  I see it all the time on fb in response to a parent who is on the fence about medicating. It is used to encourage using stimulant drugs to address ADHD issues, or worse, to make a parent feel guilty about not medicating.  But there is a real problem with this comparison.


A diabetic’s symptoms stem from the body’s inability to create enough insulin. This is treated by adding the needed insulin.  A person’s ADHD symptoms, however, can have many causes

  • lead exposure
  • side effects of medicine
  • food or environmental allergies
  • aspirin and foods high in salicylates
  • excessive stress
  • vitamin / mineral deficiency
  • prenatal exposure to alcohol, etc.
  • lack of oxygen during a difficult delivery
  • some synthetic food additives


With most medical issues the first step is to identify the cause(s), then the treatment choice is likely to be clear.  The Feingold Diet addresses a common ADHD trigger (certain foods and food additives) and enables one to learn if this is bringing on any of the symptoms.  We like it because we believe it is:  fairly easy to use, inexpensive, healthier, and we have found it to significantly help most of the children and adults who use it.


P.S.  Research in England has shown that food dyes will trigger ADHD symptoms in the general population — in children with no ADHD diagnosis.