By making a simple switch you can have a fantastic Thanksgiving meal and continue to use most of
your holiday recipes. Here are some suggestions on getting started.
Always remember to modify – modify – modify!
TURKEY: Don’ t be fooled by turkeys with the name butter in them. These expensive pre-basted
birds are injected with low cost oils and yellow dye & to make the consumer believe they contain
butter. Shop for a plain unbasted turkey – either frozen or fresh.
DRESSING OR STUFFING:  Those boxed dressings are loaded with artificial and preseved ingredients that are not a great choice.  Make sure to use your favorite recipes and use accepted breads cut into cubes and dried overnight. Moisten bread and add onion and celery sautéed in accepted oils, butter or broth. Don’t forget
to add spices.
GRAVY: Use acceptable broths or drippings from turkey to make homemade gravy. A little flour
or cornstarch will thicken the broth. Look for easy to use recipes on-line.
MASHED OR TWICE BAKED POTATOES:  Use real milk, butter  and cream cheese to whip up those potatoes. For twice baked, top with real shredded cheese.
SWEET POTATOES: Check your Foodlist for acceptable marshmallows. You can make a sweet
potato casserole that avoids the use of marshmallows by adding brown sugar, pecans and butter.
DINNER ROLLS: Dinner rolls can be made a day or two ahead of time with accepted yeast. Most
homemade recipes are very easy to make. You can also check your Foodlist for accepted rolls.
RELISH TRAY: Make sure to use acceptable sour cream. Dill and garlic are great spices to use to
make dips. Focus on all the Stage One veggies that you can use and don’t forget olives.