“I’m SO proud of my DS this week…so many things to brag about!  Do you mind?  I hope not.

  • He initiated kisses. He once hated kisses and didn’t want me to kiss him.  Of course, I would kiss him anyway and he would wipe them away.  This week he asked for them.  He was snuggly and sweet.  I didn’t consider the emotional side of our lifestyle change.
  • He played with his little brother way more and didn’t pick on him as much. The ‘picking’ was more loving than bothersome this week.  They also took a bath together tonight.  I haven’t let that happen in a very long time.  If we ever did it, we would regret it…the bath would always end abruptly, with one or both not even making it to the soap.  Tonight, I had two clean, happy, naked little boys running around the house!  The giggles were music to my ears.
  • He passed his math test! He’s been struggling to pass this level for a few weeks.  Way to go, kiddo!
  • He was free to sneak a candy at Boy Scouts tonight and he didn’t take one. Instead, he asked his dad if he could have one of his candies when they got home.  He didn’t want the candy there because ‘it had dyes in it and that didn’t make him feel good!’  That was the first time he expressed feeling different on the diet. WOW!
  • Even my husband and I had a better week together. I didn’t have to decompress so much after I got home from work.  I was more relaxed and had the energy to engage with him more.  Some days I would be so stressed by the end of the day, I just wanted to escape, take a bubble bath and leave the world behind, you know?  I get that there will still be days like that, but it feels good to have more days like this – today, yesterday, the day before that and the day before that.