TBHQ damages the immune system

There isn’t much research on TBHQ so it’s good to see this:

This petroleum-based preservative is widely used in food to extend shelf life and save money for the manufacturer.  It is found in the cooking oil used by most restaurants in the U.S. because it allows the oil to be held at high temperatures and reused many times.   But what is good for the industry’s bottom line is not good for those who consume it.

TBHQ is one of the synthetic additives eliminated on the Feingold Diet.

Our bodies are designed to fend off harmful viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens.  But in order to do this we must have a healthy immune system.   This means limiting our exposure to as many harmful substances as we realistically can.

A new paper focuses on the preservative TBHQ and other chemicals (PFAS or “per – and polyfluoralkyls”) found in food packaging and many consumer products.  The researchers write that their testing “suggests that chemicals directly or indirectly added to food for decades — such as PFAS and TBHQ – may show previously unanticipated effects on the immune system….the premarket safety evaluation of these substances was inadequate.”   

    Photo Credit: FoodBabe.com                                    

Source:  “Investigating Molecular Mechanisms of Immunotoxicity and the Utility of ToxCast for Immunotoxicity Screening of Chemicals Added to Food” International Journal of Environmental Research Public Health, March 24, 2021