Test your Additive I.Q.

1. What is “pumped meat”?
    a. Meat that was fed steroids
   b. Meat pumped through a tube
   c. Meat with injected solution
2. What food additive has been linked to obesity?
  a. Equal (aspartame)
  b. High fructose com syrup
  c. Monosodium glutamate (MSG)
3. The preservative TBHQ is similar to:
   a. Tuberculosis
   b. Butane (lighter fluid)
   c. Table salt treated with kerosene

4. What is a Grapple?
   a. A grape flavored apple
   b. A board game with lefter tiles
   c. A hook to hold meat

5. What is the legal definition of “natural”?
   a. Made with only natural ingredients
   b. Made with 85% natural ingredients
   c. Made with 50% natural ingrediens.
6. What is the source of most Yellow food dye?
   a. Marigold flowers imported from Holland
   b. Petroleum refineries in China
   c. Yellow sea urchins from Indonesia


1.  Meat injected with a “solution” that can contain synthetic additives.                                           

2.  All of them have been linked to obesity.                                                                                         

 3.  TBHQ is related to butane.                                                                                                               

 4.  An apple that has been soaked in grape flavoring.                                                                         

  5.  There is no legal definitionof “natural”.                                                                                             

 6.  Chinese petroleum refineries.