The Switch Witch  by Catherine Burns, 2013


Have you heard about the Switch Witch?

She wears a crooked hat

She’s on the hunt for candy

To feed her naughty cat


He likes the brightest lollipops

The green chews and the blue

And if you have some bubblegum

He’ll really want that too!!!


After trick or treating

Pick out some things to keep

And then put in a bucket, things

To swap while you’re asleep!!


Only when you’re snoozing

The Switch Witch will drop in

She’ll take out all the candy

And who knows what she’ll put in?


You might wake up and find a toy

Maybe a book or a bear?

Something for your piggy bank?

Or a funny game to share?


So give the witch your brightest treats

For her cat instead

And in the morning you will find

A SWITCH upon your bed!!!