While essential oils can benefit people, there are many who just can’t tolerate them.  Many of our members are very sensitive to natural scents (essential oils), so we don’t include them in our Foodlist.  We sell a separate book called Guide to Products with Natural Fragrance. This guide is split into Stage One and Stage Two just like the Foodlist. There are times that you might have a big problem with Stage Two foods but will be able to tolerate   fragrance.  Some individuals might be able to use all

Stage Two foods but can’t tolerate fragrance. Everyone is different;  that is why it is good to keep a food diary so you can figure out the sensitivity each member of your family might have.  This is also why we suggest avoiding essential oils until you see a favorable response to the Diet.  What goes on your skin and in the air is just as important as what goes into the food.


In the beginning of the Diet we suggest that you treat essential oils like you would Stage Two salicylate items.   We limit what we give our families until we get a favorable response to the Diet.  Then we start to introduce those things back into the diet slowly to see if we have a problem with them.  Normally we start reintroducing Stage Two foods, but you could do that with fragrance too.  I would suggest that you start with Stage One fragrance.