You can continue to use the child’s favorite foods, but in natural versions.  Synthetic food additives rob the body of
important nutrients, including zinc, which is linked to our sense of taste and smell.  It appears that after the additives
have been removed, many children are better able to taste and enjoy real food.  Processed food is also often loaded
with cheap fats and sugars, so the switch to real food may require a child’s taste buds to adjust.  It doesn’t take long for
most children to start enjoying the taste of real food.  In fact,many kids will be able to spot artificial ingredients in food
just by tasting them.

Here are some things to try if your child is not adjusting to
the new foods:

  • Finger foods with some kind of dipping sauce are always fun for kids.
  • Sometimes if we don’t make a big deal out of a change, your child won’t even notice.  If they do, just
    play it down as being no big deal.
  • Include good veggies in casseroles where your kids won’t see them.
  • Try being sneaky – Take the bag of new cereal right out of the box and slip it inside of your old cereal box.   
    No one will ever know but you!
  • Same thing goes for milk or juice. Do they have to know they are different?  No way.  Pear juice tastes a
    lot like apple juice.