What’s wrong with a little petroleum in your food?

Synthetic food dyes are made from petroleum
Fast Facts on Coloring:
 Yes – they are made from petroleum
 They contain lead, mercury & arsenic
 They may give you cancer
 They may damage your sperm
 They may damage your liver
 They may lower your immunity
 They may give you an asthma attack
 They may trigger hives
 They may make you hyperactive
 They may damage your nerves
Fast Facts on Preservatives : BHA, BHT, TBHQ:
 Yes –they are made from petroleum, too
 They may give you insomnia
 They may make you aggressive
 They may make it hard to learn
 They may give you tumors or cancer
 They increase lung cancer risk
 They may damage your liver
Note: The choice is not between dangerous preservatives or NO preservatives. There ARE safe preservatives available. Some of the above research has only been done on animals or in vitro since such research on humans is not feasible.