It is with deep sadness and heavy hearts that we announce the sudden passing of Cindy Harrell, our PIC Director and our friend, on Thursday, May 20th at her home in Forrest, IL.
Those of you who knew Cindy can tell you what a generous, hysterically funny and dedicated person she was. She was an honor to know and we were lucky to have her as part of our Feingold Family for so many years.
From when she first began to volunteer at PIC over 20 years ago to becoming our PIC Director, she has worked tirelessly, not only in our product research, but in all aspects of the Feingold Association… always willing to lend a hand or an ear.  Even when working two jobs, for many years, rising before dawn in the cold IL winters to drive a school bus, she would be back at her desk researching Feingold products for our members. You could always find her at night and weekends at her Feingold desk. 
She was a warrior.
We are so profoundly sorry for her family and all of us who had the privilege and benefit of knowing and working with her. 
Thank God for the blessings of Cindy, and her enduring legacy for FAUS through every life she touched with her amazing and dedicated work.