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What is the Feingold Diet?

The Feingold Diet is a form of elimination diet where foods containing certain harmful additives are removed and replaced with similar foods that are free of those additives. When starting the diet, certain foods and non-food items containing an aspirin-like chemical called salicylate are also eliminated, and later tested for tolerance.

Happily, there is a huge selection of foods of every kind, including snacks, desserts, convenience foods and mixes that are acceptable on the Feingold Diet.

First, the diet is used as a  diagnostic tool to determine if any of the eliminated items are triggering some or all of the problems you are seeing.  When successful, it is continued as a treatment, and can also be combined with any other necessary medical treatments.

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I am an adult cancer survivor. In addition, I have strong fragrance, chemical and pharmaceutical sensitivities. I turned to the Feingold Program after 6 doctors and many months of suffering and failed treatments for an unknown rash. The Feingold program helped me identify my problem foods, in addition to removing unnecessary additives that were likely harming me.

“For the first time in her life, our 3-year-old was able to sit through a full 25-minute TV show … She was still full of life and energy, but it was much more manageable”

Ali amazed her teacher as she was finally able to sit during story time, fully engaged. Family and friends started noticing that she was bouncing less. In addition, she became night- time potty trained … She stopped grinding her teeth at night and started sleeping peacefully… For the first time in her life, our 3-year-old was able to sit through a full 25-minute TV show … She was still full of life and energy, but it was much more manageable

Food Babe reports


Tell Kellogg’s To Stop Targeting Kids With Cereals Full of Artificial Ingredients 

In 2015, Kellogg’s announced plans to remove artificial colors and artificial flavors from all of their cereals by the end of 2018, and this was widely reported by the media.

They never did.

Kellogg’s still sells several cereals with artificial colors and flavors in America. And now they’re coming out with brand new cereals full of the absolute WORST ingredients targeting our children.
Kellogg’s is SAYING one thing, but DOING another. Where is their integrity?
Meanwhile, Kellogg’s sells cereals with safer ingredients in other countries. In Europe and Australia, Kellogg’s takes artificial colors and the risky preservative BHT out of their cereals completely. Why not here too? This is wrong. 
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“No more angry rages, no more oppositional defiance, no more ADHD; our silly, joyful 8-year-old is now enjoying life as the child she was always meant to be!”

We got rid of the harmful additives that were triggering her out-of-control behavior and replaced them with better versions of her favorite foods.We have been following the program for 8 months andfound that not only do the additives bring on the old behaviors, but she also can’t handle apples.I used to believe that part of childhood was to eat “junk” once in a while. And I also had absolutely NO idea some of the wholesomefoods (salicylates) I was regularly feeding her were actually big contributors to her issues.

This website is for educational purposes only. Neither a diagnosis nor a prescription is required in order to implement the Feingold Diet as a healthy choice. This information is not intended, however, to replace competent medical diagnosis. The Feingold® Association does not endorse, approve or assume responsibility for any product, brand, method or treatment. The presence (or absence) of a product on a Feingold Foodlist, or the discussion of a method or treatment does not constitute approval (or disapproval). The Foodlists are based primarily upon information supplied by manufacturers and are not based upon independent testing.